Coledale Community Days

To keep active within the local Coledale Community and provide activities for our Coledale Nippers who due to Covid restrictions haven't had a chance to attend Nippers this year we are hosting a series of community days. These days will include a number of exciting activities both on and off the beach. Think more not to miss things to do, rather than what you would expect on a regular Nippers day. So we can follow our current Covid plan each of these events will have a limit at 200 attendees and there will be no cost for these days. For the first event on the 14th of March we will have to following:

8m Climbing wall - four people can climb at the same time

BBQ/Sausage sizzle - Run by Thirroul Lions

Fire Brigade

Water fun

With the climbing wall the only conditions for use was that each child participating has to be at least 20kg in weight.
To secure a ticket for this event and the other community days we have schedule please use the link below:

Coledale community days

Coledale Nipper Covid Update

Due to the additional personnel and arrangements required re COVID, the committee has made the tough decision to run a reduced cuttlefish/nippers program this season.

We will be running the U12 and above age groups in a modified format throughout the season and will be hosting as series of community event days for our U6 – U11 members during the season.

We will be scheduling additional training courses for our nipper parent community to allow us to build up the support team needed to ensure a strong relaunch of the cuttlefish program in the 21/22 season.

For more information on the 2020/2021 season visit our 2020/2021 season page here

Coledale Nippers

We are a small, friendly, family orientated club that meets on every second Sunday from 9.45am.
Children must be 5 years of age to join.

All members are encouraged to register online

Register online

Please make sure a separate form is completed for each child and parent (these can be linked as a family later)

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Beach Activities

On Sundays the following events are included: Flags, Sprints, Relay, Wading, Swims and Board. Surf Education: As part of the Surf Awareness program, the children are shown and explained all the aspects of beach safety


We also run an under 5's age group. This will be a play group that will operate at the same time as the nippers. Parents must be present with their child/children at all times. Children will be introduced to beach activities and games by Kate Balding. All children in this age group will be required to become members of the surf club for insurance purposes.

Playgroup families need to join the NSW playgroup association and one parent to the club.

Age Groups

Below listed are the nipper groups and age categories of each age group that we run.
Under 6's
Have to be 5 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 7's
Have to be 6 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 8's
Have to be 7 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 9's
Have to be 8 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 10's
Have to be 9 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 11's
Have to be 10 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 12's
Have to be 11 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 13's
Have to be 12 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 14's
Have to be 13 before of 30th of September 2020
Under 15's
Have to be 14 before of 30th of September 2020

We run nippers with one thing in mind, beach safety! I would rather the kids have fun learn some beach skills than be the faster or the stongest. If they want to compete in carnivals that's a bonus. I would rather they are just comfortable in the surf and are safe.

Kim Howell - Junior Club President


Junior/Nippers Members 5-13 years



  • Per Season



  • Per Season



  • Per Season
    one parent
    and one child



  • Per Season
    one parent
    and two children

Capped pricing

For parents with two or more children the membership price for the season has been capped at $160

To Join nippers you must complete the below steps

Complete the
Working with Children Declaration Check
Apply now
Once you have your Working With Children Check number can you email toWWC number